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Who are TeleBilling?
TeleBilling is a billing company for special rate telecom services. We invoice for calls that have been made rather than the call charges appearing on your telephone bill.

Why have I received an invoice?
The invoiced you have received indicates that a call was made to a special rate telecom services from your telephone. The fact you have received an invoice means that you are a) repeat customer or b) our customer services dept. has contacted your number & attained a name / address for billing purposes.

My phone is a pre-paid mobile why have I been billed for these calls?
The credit you have is used on the call from your mobile to our clients service, via out billing service. The special service you have used is a separate service & charge. All additional call charges and the method of billing were explained to the caller at the start of the call.

How did you get my address?
The telephone number called from is logged digitally by our computers. Customer services have then contact you on that number and ask to speak to the owner of the telephone. If we have incorrect information please help to establish whom the telephone belongs to so we can re-direct the invoice accordingly. Incorrect details will be removed from our database. Our database is strictly private. We believe in client confidentiality and work within the guidelines issued in the Data Protection Act.

Why is the bill in my name when I do not own the phone (or I didn't make the calls)?
a. If a minor has used the telephone they would have been asked to nominate an adult to receive the bill on their behalf. (a block can be placed on your telephone number if required)

b. If the telephone is yours and you are unaware of the calls made from it, you are still responsible for any debt that is incurred by your telephone.

Why are all the calls of the same duration?
Some of our clients services have a minimum duration. This may be the call duration shown on your bill, not the time connected. If more specific timings are needed for calls they can be obtained from our customer services.

When are pricing details given?
At the beginning of the call a recorded message is played. Before the service can be accessed the caller is given the opportunity to listen to billing information and the terms and conditions attached to the service they are accessing. Pricing varies dependent on service.

How was the contract entered into?
Terms and conditions of the various special telecom services are included in ALL advertisements. Adult telephone services are advertised in material suitable for over 18's. On calling the services prior to gaining access ALL information relating to charges & duration along with relevant warnings are repeated to the customer on a pre-recorded message. Billing starts once the terms & conditions have been voiced and accepted.

How is a minor allowed to access an Adult service?
Minors are NOT permitted to use ANY special rate telecoms services. TeleBilling takes all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access to their clients services.
There is a pre-recorded message prior to ALL adult telecom services asking for age verification. Any minor that proceeds past this warning commits an offence. If the minor continues with the call they may gain entry into a chat-room where the LIVE operator will verify the age of the caller. If the operator suspects the caller is a minor they will be disconnected & the telephone number barred from using the service.

How can I stop further calls from my telephone?
Please contact our customer services & we will have your number barred from accessing these services. From point of contact our system will take 24 hours to complete the barring process.

How can I prove the call was not made?
Calls made from any type of telephone are recorded with your telephone company. Please contact our customer services with all relevant information. We will need written proof from your phone company that these calls were not made. This may be a telephone bill or something similar.

How can you be sure that it was my number that called?
All telephone numbers are logged as calls are made. If a number calls with a hidden or barred number they are stopped from connecting & referred to customer services. In some circumstances we are able to retrieve conversations that have occurred between the operator & customer.

I didn't actually make the call am I still liable for the bill?
Yes. If you are the registered telephone owner. It is assumed in law that you have given permission to the person making the calls therefore accepting to pay any debt they have incurred while using your telephone.

My telephone was stolen?
Please contact customer services. You will need to provide proof of purchase. Your number will be barred from the system.

I only just purchased the telephone?
The credit you have is used on the call from your mobile to our clients service, via out billing service. The special service you have used is a separate service & charge. All additional call charges and the method of billing were explained to the caller at the start of the call.

Can I pay monthly?
If you owe £100.00 or more we are able to provide an installment plan either monthly or bi-weekly. If less than £100.00 please contact customer services.

How can I make a payment?
a. Click here and pay your bill securely online. You will need the Customer number supplied on your invoice.

b. Take the slip at the bottom of your statement to Barclays Bank and make an over the counter payment with cash, postal order or a cheque.

c. You can make a credit card payment by calling the customer services department.

d. You can send a cheque or postal order through the post either stating the customer number clearly or including the payment slip found at the bottom of your invoice.


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