Highly innovative billing solutions enabling customers to access our clients content from their phone.

Terms and Conditions

Services delivered over the phone

All services delivered over the phone are handed by our fully automated interactive voice response (IVR) system.
By using IVR automation we can ensures that card details are handled securely and not visible to live agents.
All the IVR equipment used to take payments meets the industry standard set by The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI).
At no time will any of our services ask for your card PIN number.
All payment made remotely are classed as Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO).
Where product or content is delivered during the same call that payment is taken there are two call mechanics:

Fixed price:
Pricing is voiced. Card details are captured. Funds are requested. Once authorisation is received the call is connected to the product. To access further content the caller must call back and make a new payment.

Per minute pricing:
Pricing is voiced. Card details are captured. Funds are pre-authorised. Once pre-authorisation is received the call is connected to the product. At the end of the call the total time on product is calculated. Based on the calculation fund are settled against the pre-auth.

Where a request is possible a copy of the authorisation code may be sent to the caller by SMS.

Billing service provision

TeleBilling is an independent billing & collection company. TeleBilling bill direct for services rather than the charges appearing on your line, mobile or internet provider’s bill.

Which service has been called?
Details of the services that have been used are listed on the statement available once logged into the customer account.

What services are offered?
Games, charity, weather & traffic, news, WAP/GPRS access, sport, least cost routing, sport results, horoscopes, dating, adult recorded, music, adult chat, party lines, competition, internet access, racing, ring tones & logos, screen savers, DVD unlock, site & content access control, interactive TV, tarot, psychic, other entertainment.

How has the agreement been made?
The customer makes an agreement by using one of the services. The customer is informed during the call of the services charges and terms prior to the service sessions commencing. Continuing with the service beyond these details confirms acceptance of the charges and terms and authorises the use of the number of the caller and all details associated with the user session for billing purposes.
Charging is initiated from acceptance of the terms during the call*.
Introduction & explanation of charges during the call are free of charge*.

Collection charges may be applicable if an account is not settled promptly. In the event of late payment by a mobile caller TeleBilling reserve the right to collect all or part of the outstanding debt & charges by reverse billed SMS or direct to bill.

All services are charged at the rate given prior to start of the services.

*Where applicable your telephone line or mobile provider may bill separately for network access charges.

User details:
Telephone user details have been identified by reading the calling line identity (CLI). User sessions have been identified by login IP & associated session details. TeleBilling agents obtain the user mailing details by calling the user.

Data protection:
Information provided through the use of TeleBilling’s billing services may be used to provide you with information by direct mail, email, phone call & text message, about TeleBilling & other companies' products & services that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive promotions please contact customer services or call 01392 965 965.

Contact Us:
Telephone: 01392 965 965
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Contact Us

Telephone: 01392 965 965
Or write to:

TeleBilling Ltd
140 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex